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Background information

This map shows a selection of 2114 Twitter accounts related to the resonate festival and their 175’380 followership relations. We collected all Twitter users that are followed by a list of seed accounts (festival speakers, organizers and attendees). This map presents a selection of users that are followed by at least 8 people in this extended network. The size of each username corresponds to the number of followers in this network. The layout attempts to minimize link lengths; consequently, nodes that share a lot of links are placed next to each other. Each node is assigned a color depending on an automatic clustering algorithm. Each link represents followership and is colored depending on the source node (the follower).

Moritz Stefaner, 2013.
Built using gephi, python-twitter, SvgPan, Adobe Illustrator.
Data and images licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported


The list of seed accounts used was the following:
madebymany, fctry2, RossC1, joe_wilkins, madebymany, fctry2, RossC1, joe_wilkins, notjosh, gerwitz, mellbratt, Bopuc, espylaub, torstenbergler, fabianmu, CedricKiefer, zeigor, aplusplus, ipoupyrev, signal__noise, DI__RCA, artcom, onedotzero, comkee, peterpaulrubens, ranzen, gr3gjsmith, toxi, peterkirn, creativeapps, resonate_io, filipvisnjic, jamesbridle, MoM_official, moritz_stefaner, panthaduprince, helvetica, MeneerSamyn, taleoftales, kcimc, raquelmeyers, spacesofplay, StudioNAND, andreasgysin, tweetdelatelier, bla_fasel, notdefined, jesusbeuys, field_io, HOLOmagazine, liam_young, nanikawa, golan, cohenvanbalen, memotv, evanbbb, REAS


So, here are a few statistics:
First of all, here are the top 20 in terms of followership inside this specific network: Great to see creative applications, Golan Levin, Caesy Reas, Karsten Schmidt(toxi) and Ben Fry dominate the field:

If we look at the pagerank, however, we can see Universal Everything, Matt Pyke and at lower ranks, also Bruce Sterling("bruces") and Clay Shirky("cshirky") rise to the top. In comparison to pure absolute numbers of followership, pagerank gives higher weight to followers that have a lot followers themselves, so you could say, the mentioned accounts are sort of the "gourmets pick" inside the network.

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Get in touch in case you are interested in a print version or have any questions!

Looking forward to resonating with you.
Moritz Stefaner, March 2013

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