Hi. My name is Moritz Stefaner.

I live and breathe data visualization
and information design.

I work as an independent designer and consultant. Which means, you can potentially hire me.

Featured projects

Wahlland Wahlland

Stadtbilder http://stadt-bilder.com
emoto emoto

FIFA FIFA Development Globe
Max Planck Research Networks http://max-planck-research-networks.net

OECD Better Life Index OECD Better Life Index
Notabilia notabilia.net

Remixing Rosling Remixing Rosling
Map your moves Map your moves


Occasionally, I blog about visualization and my work at
Listen to me and Enrico Bertini and our guests:
And, make sure to check out one of my latest diversions: Food and data!

My keynote at the European Communication Summit 2013

Talk at decoded conference (German)

Interview on Storytelling (German)